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  • Paypal SOAP MassPayment API

    I recently completed a small programming task for a client that involved using the the Paypal SDK to create a PHP script that allowed for making use of the Paypal MassPayment API over SOAP. Whilst on the surface this looked a reasonably simple task it proved to be more complicated than I first envisioned. Firstly there were problems with the SDK from Paypal that had to be overcome, mainly due to a lack documentation regarding the fact that the library required PEAR to be installed on the server in order to operate. However this might have come up in the installation process which I unfortunately couldn’t follow as I can’t run CLI PHP commands on my local server (WAMP) and I also couldn’t work out how to set up FTP on the same local server. Most of the PHP SDKs [...]

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  • PHP PayPal Class

    Hot on the heels of writing a database class with a bunch of functions, I’ve converted my previous PayPal functions file to be a class file. The main repeating variables like the target window and PayPal account can be called at the time of instantiating the class object and then each of the functions uses these object variables avoiding repetition. I’m really pleased with the base progress being made on this project, after years of pulling everything together on a needs basis I will be starting each new project from now on with a solid groundwork of files that I can pick and choose from and amend to suit needs.

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  • Paypal PHP Functions

    In the process of writing my brief for Panoramic Edinburgh I decided to opt for the ease of PayPal for the eCommerce aspect. I already have a PayPal account and I have some familiarity with how their payment system can be embedded into a web page. As I am hosting Panoramic Edinburgh on a PHP/MySQL server the ideal way to create buttons seemed to be an include file that defined functions to write the HTML for each possible PayPal control, e.g. ‘Pay Now’ buttons, ‘Add to Cart’ buttons. An example function is below: function paypal_buy_now($target,$business_name,$item_name,$value,$currency){ echo "<form target=\"$target\" action=\"\" method=\"post\">"; echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"business\" value=\"$business_name\" />"; echo "\n"; echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"cmd\" value=\"_xclick\" />"; echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"item_name\" value=\"$item_name\" />"; echo "\n"; echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"amount\" value=\"$value\" />"; [...]

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