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  • 3D Light Casting, part 2

    Finally completed the 3d Light casting Tutorial from Andrew Kramer at videocopilot. The tutorial was very complex in 3 stages and took some time to follow but the end result was very satisfying. Stage 1: Glowing Energy Ball I created lines using the pen tool and the Vegas plug-in, added an animated Offset plug-in to create the effect of the lines moving over time and then used the Polar Co-ordinates plug-in to warp this linear motion into a circular motion. A feathered mask was also added to fade the edges of the effect out. The planes created was then duplicated and the duplicates rotated and scaled in 3D space. A light was added to the center followed by a particle system. The results are in the previous post. Stage 2: Preparing the Footage and ‘Set’ In order [...]

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  • Fireworks Video

    Recently I have been working with Adobe After Effects on some motion graphics video files. Maybe enough to warrant a Video section in future but for the minute just a subsection of Design. This short 20 second piece came about through working on a tutorial that used a plug-in called Particular, made by Trapcode. The particle effects that it creates are quite stunning and as there are not going to be Festival Fireworks this year in Edinburgh due to the ongoing tramworks I thought that Fireworks would make a suitable subject. I plan a number of these over the coming months, all timed to some music which I haven’t decided upon yet. The main method emplyed here is the use of one Null object in After Effects which moves around and each of the effects uses a script exporession to [...]

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