My heart belongs to the details. I actually always found them to be more important than the big picture. Nothing works without details. They are everything, the baseline of quality

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  • PHP PayPal Class

    Hot on the heels of writing a database class with a bunch of functions, I’ve converted my previous PayPal functions file to be a class file. The main repeating variables like the target window and PayPal account can be called at the time of instantiating the class object and then each of the functions uses these object variables avoiding repetition. I’m really pleased with the base progress being made on this project, after years of pulling everything together on a needs basis I will be starting each new project from now on with a solid groundwork of files that I can pick and choose from and amend to suit needs.

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  • CSS Reset

    After reading a recent article in .net magazine I decided to implement Eric Meyer’s CSS reset document on Panoramic Edinburgh and all future projects. The code and reasoning are fully explained at his site so no reason to go into them here but my reasons? The idea of not only resetting things like margins and padding and borders but also removing anything that you could be asked to make a choice about makes for a better overall approach. Even removing the outline from focus elements so that you have to think about implementing it creates a frame of mind better to suited to creating a better design. Eric’s CSS Reset

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  • mysqlDatabase Class

    My first class file is in the pipeline, though I think I might have picked a bit of a tricky class to start with. Troubleshooting the new (to me) class syntax and the MySQL connection proved tricky but I got there in the end. My main stumbing blocks were the placing of $s in the code for calling object variables, either too many or too few till I got the hang of it. Whilst this class will form the basis of the gallery backend for Panoramic Edinburgh, I am maintaining a more non-specific version for future projects. First the object variables are declared: var $host; var $user; var $pass; var $database; Next comes the constructor function. I give the constructor function the $host, $user, $password, $database variables and assign them to the newly created object. If these variable are not [...]

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  • Panoramic Edinburgh Brief

    As I want my new version of Panoramic Edinburgh to professional and polished I am writing a brief and doing rough planning work on paper before tapping on the keyboard till the wee small hours. Not only do I hope that this will make for a better end result it means I can work things out on the train, the bus, over a coffee in starbucks and set goals based on what I want to achieve rather than just what I know how to program or what seems to be the current vogue feature. It also means I am doing this from a client perspective (hence putting htis post in the photography section, this is me the photographer being a client of me the designer) and keeping the what I wnt the site to [...]

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  • Panoramic Edinburgh Icons

    I have designed my first handful of graphical elements for the new improved Panoramic Edinburgh, as well as writing an overview brief for myself to work from. Image Icon: Image to be used for galleries that contain images, or on pages showing individual images. The icon represents a slide projector screen. Whilst a bit old fashioned I thought that this would be in keeping with the fact that much of my photography is film based rather than digital Movie Icon: Image to be used for galleries that contain movies, or on pages showing individual movies. The image represents an old fashioned movie projector in keeping with the theme of the image icon. The movies will all be created with a digital camera but I liked the feel of this icon rather [...]

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  • Panoramic Edinburgh

    A while ago I was looking at Panoramic Edinburgh, a website I was thinking about using to host my photography of Edinburgh. When I started it I was pretty much sold on using Gallery2 as the backend for it and I spent quite a lot of time reprogramming the template files to get a look that I wanted and learning the structure of the application in general. Then I found out that on a windows server the mail function of this program(and coppermine for that matter) don’t seem to function properly. I toyed with the idea of using the wordpress to gallery bridge plug-in but it seemed that this solution was really geared at using gallery as a media library for a wordpress blog, rather than wordpress as a user management system for a [...]

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