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  • Inheritance

    Simple javascript inheritance

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  • Javascript Integer Rounding

    parseInt is very slow for casting decimal values to integer values in javascript

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  • SIMILE Timeline

    My SIMILE timeline experimentation has yielded a functional blipfoto.com search page.

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  • RSS Functions Javascript

    Javascript functions utilising Jquery and ajax to pull RSS feed xml into the page and parse it into HTML.

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  • DOM Table functions

    The table functions take a standard HTML table and add a number of features to the table to facilitate ease of use. Features include row highlighting, row selection and the hiding and showing of selected or unselected rows. Still requires a bit of tidying up in the table controls section that trigger the hiding and showing of rows.

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  • Quicktime/Javascript coding

    I have been making some quicktime files recently and whilst googling round to jog my memory on how to place them on a page rather than link to them (mostly looking for the long clsid number for the object tag) I came across Apple’s Quicktime Javascript documentation. I was quite excited by the options to control the movie through javascript and also to find that the quicktime plug-in on the page emits DOM events. Following the examples quickly lead me into deep water however. I created a page following the guidelines and everything worked fine in Firefox. I had got quite far into the document, using the supplied Apple function to place the lengthy tags into the page on the fly with javascript, detecting the presence of the Quicktime plug-in to allow for alternate content depending on whether it was [...]

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