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Frank Llod Wright

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  • Agfa 124

    I took my recently purchased chemicals down to the darkroom and mixed up some soft working warmtone Agfa-124.

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  • Darkroom Printing

    I spent the best part of 12 hours in the darkroom today, spurred on slightly by the fact that Chris was also in the room. I had gone in with the initial intention of making many prints of a few of negatives, which I achieved, but he was experimenting with bleaching and toning which I was very interested in and resulted in me being there much longer than I expected. Lessons were learned though, firstly I had some experimentation with correction of converging verticals by tilting the enlarger head, but soon realised that this required a very small aperture and in the case of the negative I was trying to print the base exposure was 3 minutes and some of the burning went up to 9 minutes. On reflection it was not worth the effort but nice to spend some [...]

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