My heart belongs to the details. I actually always found them to be more important than the big picture. Nothing works without details. They are everything, the baseline of quality

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  • 3D Light Casting, part 2

    Finally completed the 3d Light casting Tutorial from Andrew Kramer at videocopilot. The tutorial was very complex in 3 stages and took some time to follow but the end result was very satisfying. Stage 1: Glowing Energy Ball I created lines using the pen tool and the Vegas plug-in, added an animated Offset plug-in to create the effect of the lines moving over time and then used the Polar Co-ordinates plug-in to warp this linear motion into a circular motion. A feathered mask was also added to fade the edges of the effect out. The planes created was then duplicated and the duplicates rotated and scaled in 3D space. A light was added to the center followed by a particle system. The results are in the previous post. Stage 2: Preparing the Footage and ‘Set’ In order [...]

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  • Maya Animation

    Many years ago i used to do quite a lot of 3 modelling and animation using programs like Bryce and Poser and, to a lesser extent Lightwave. Since taking redundancy from Scottish Widows and having more time on my hands I have decided to update the skills and so have started learning Maya, possibly one of the best pieces of 3D software available for a home PC. My animation is just a simple series of blocks with the camera moving round inside the get a feel for the interface. It’s a very complex interface to learn but then it has to be as there is so much you can do with the software.

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  • Wetlands Project

    The Wetlands Project was a Helix Arts funded project to create two videos and in the process to teach some children the basics of animation. As the two videos were to be one in 3D and one in 2D myself and the colleague I was working decided that in the 8 visits to the college the children made we wouldn’t be able to teach them anything useful about 3D graphics. Instead we taught them the basics of 2D animation principles on paper and involved them in the process of character design and used those in the video. History 3D Animation The first video is in 3D and was supposed to show something about how the earth had changed over the its life. A sequence was made in Bryce showing a section of a simulated Earth’s surface and the [...]

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