A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

Douglas Adams

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  • Simple WordPress Theme – Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 is a simple small business theme design for the wordpress content management system.

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  • The Dome

    The website for The Dome in Edinburgh was designed to match their existing print branding, updating a previous website that had been in use for about 5 years. The project entailed initial design mock-ups in Photoshop for the pitch and then build of the the chosen design mostly using existing photography and copy. Some extra photography was undertaken to fill out the design and then extensive photography was undertaken for the virtual tour section, which was constructed using stitched images to create the QuickTime VR. The Dome Website My hosted version has been linked to as the site has been updated by someone else since my design was handed over.

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  • Sharepoint Service Catalogue

    One of my major achievements whilst working at Scottish Widows was the implementation of a Service Catalogue for the Application Support teams in the IT department. The catalogue was based on a Sharepoint 2003 Server technology and linked with an Access database. The interface of the Sharepoint site had to be branded to match the corporate intranet and the XML data retrieved by the pages had to be transformed via custom coded XSL to create this look and feel. The project entailed extensive research into XML and XSL techniques and also a lot of research into the Sharepoint technology. The changes had to be achieved without access to change templates on the server and so javascript and CSS embedded in Content Editor Web Parts were used to manipulate the document as it is loaded into the browser.

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  • The Design Report

    The design report was my first full-blown multimedia production, in partnership with a colleague at Newcastle College in 1998. It was developed using a number of applications, some of which were fairly new at the time but are now firmly established: Flash, Dreamweaver & Fireworks. Alongside these the project also made use of QuickTime and QuickTime VR, along with Premiere, Freehand and Photoshop. The Design Report was designed to be delivered on college computers into web browsers, Navigator 3 & 4 and Internet Explorer 4, and to be used as additional reference material to accompany the relevant course module. The Design Report

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  • Wetlands Project

    The Wetlands Project was a Helix Arts funded project to create two videos and in the process to teach some children the basics of animation. As the two videos were to be one in 3D and one in 2D myself and the colleague I was working decided that in the 8 visits to the college the children made we wouldn’t be able to teach them anything useful about 3D graphics. Instead we taught them the basics of 2D animation principles on paper and involved them in the process of character design and used those in the video. History 3D Animation The first video is in 3D and was supposed to show something about how the earth had changed over the its life. A sequence was made in Bryce showing a section of a simulated Earth’s surface and the [...]

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