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  • Install MongoDB for 32-bit Linux AMI

    The steps for a manual install of MongoDB on an Amazon AMI machine.

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  • ‘item’ is a reserved word in IE’s javascript engine/

    Another of IE’s ‘quirks’…

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  • JQuery – Closing Tags in DOM Element Creation

    DOM element creation gotcha in Internet Explorer

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  • Change MySQL password

    Unlike WAMPServer on Windows,MAMP on Mac OS X some with a password already set for the root user, ‘root‘. I found quite a few posts regarding changing this password usinf the following command in the terminal: /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password What wasn’t clear from this is that in this instance password is not a placeholder for your password that you should replace but in fact an actual command. After typing or pasting this command, with replaced with the password you want to use you are then prompted for your existing password, ‘root‘. I tried several times with my Mac password because that is what I normally enter when terminal propmts me to ‘Enter Password‘. Felt a bit stupid for wasting half an hour or so but it is sorted now.

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  • Meteor Classification

    I have been running some queries to classify the meteor types in the meteor visualisation data. I’m running the smallest groups first so that I can run one final ‘set empty classes to chondrite’ query at the end as they are by far the group with the biggest range of type codes in the table. The third of these queries felt distinctly middle-earthy, with all it ‘-ites’. I imagined this group of meteorite to be somewhat like the dwarves from ‘The Hobbit’. UPDATE `type_lookup` SET `Class` = ‘Iron (Chemical Classification)’ WHERE `Type` LIKE ‘Iron%’ UPDATE `type_lookup` SET `Class` = ‘Carbonaceous Chondrite’ WHERE `Type` LIKE ‘C%’ UPDATE `type_lookup` SET `Class` = ‘Achondrite’ WHERE `Type` LIKE ‘Eucrite%’ OR `Type` LIKE ‘Howardite%’ OR `Type` LIKE ‘Diogenite%’ OR `Type` LIKE ‘Shergottite%’ OR `Type` LIKE ‘Nakhilites%’ OR `Type` LIKE ‘Chassigniteite%’ OR `Type` LIKE ‘Lunar%’ OR [...]

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  • Meteor Visualisation

    Today I have been creating sensible data from the fusion table CSV export. I started by throwing away all of the rows where the mass was very small, i.e. under 1kg. This leaves me with 3,807 rows from the original 34,513 which is a more manageable amount of data. Next I popped all of this into a MySQL table, which proved a bit taxing as I was working through phpMyAdmin and had to update my php.ini file to allow for a far longer max_execution_time and max_upload_size. First thing I need to do with the data is add a true INT column for the mass field in order to calculate potential impact energy and to do numerical filtering. This column was imported from the CSV file with comma delimited thousands and is a VARCHAR(20) field. I did this by running the [...]

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