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  • Gullane Bents

    On 26th May, 2008 I drove up to Archerfields Golf Club for lunch with my wife. On the way back we stopped at Gullane Bents for some photography. It was a bright but breezy day which I hoped would create some movement in the sea and allow me to take some longer exposures of the waves breaking on the rocky shore I loaded up the Bronica with Ilford Pan F plus, at ISO 50 this was my best bet for longer exposures. I was also going to get the chance to use my new 50mm lens which hadn’t realy seen much action at this point. On return the film was developed in Ilford Perceptol 1+3 for 17 minutes. First position was on the wet portion of the sand where the waves were breaking, camera on the tripod at a low [...]

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  • Crammond Island Causeway

    20th June, 2008. Took a trip to Crammond Island to see what the causeway is like and see if there is any potential for longer exposures of water around it. Checked the tide times but then forgot to adjust for BST and got there an hour early, bummer. Still extra hour means more time to prepare. In the hour or so it took me to get there the Sun became much brighter so I figure I’m going to have difficuilty getting a long exposure at 1 in the afternoon. Note this for next time and go when the tide is at a better time of the day. Shot on Adox CHS25ART film, a 25 ISO film that is halfway between panchromatic and orthochromatic and developed in Rodinal, 1+30 for 8 minutes. First position was just of the beach, low down [...]

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  • 720+

    Above 720nm of wavelength visible light enters into the realm of the invisible infrared. Though undetected by the human eye it can still be recorded by film that is sensitised to these wavelengths. The other worldly quality revealed in these images can hold a special beauty. The images in this series are taken by placing a filter over the lens that is opaque to visible light and only allows the infrared through to the film. the two films I am currently using are ADOX IR820, which is sensitised up to 820nm and Rollei IR820C, also sensitised up to 820nm. The Rollei film also states that it has a reduced anti-halation backing backing which can produce aura effects with long exposures (anti-halation backing is normally included in films to prevent light reflecting back from the rear of the film [...]

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  • Osmosis

    The movement of water through a semi-permeable membrane from a solution of high concentration to a solution of low concentration For this photography project I have decided to photograph the movement of water. I have already taken preparatory shots at the beach at Gullane, the causeway at Crammond Island, the Water of Leith flowing past St. Bernards Well in Edinburgh and also a waterfal in Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens. In each of these instance the movement of water is somehow different, the heavy waves crashing on the rocks at Gullane, the slow creep of the tide as it devours the causeway at Crammond, the rushing babble of the brook in The Botanic Gardens and the swirl of the Water of Leith around the rocks at St. Bernards Well. I intend to expand the source material over the coming months [...]

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