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  • Mayas Daiquiri

    Recently I discovered that Bramble in Edinburgh has stopped serving it’s Mayas Daiquiri, one of my wife’s favourites drinks. As the drink requires fresh avacado and they have no other need for fresh avacado the bartender couldn’t even knock us one up. She was however gracious enough to give us the recipe.

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  • Puerco Pibil – Robert Rodriguez Recipe

    This recipe comes from the DVD of Robert Rodriguez’ 2003 filmOnce Upon a Time in Mexico. It’s a bit of a pain having to write it down every time I want to make it as I always end up losing the paper afterwards.

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  • Coquille Saint Jacques

    Enjoying somewhat of a 70s dinner party style of cooking revival, amongst the rather wonderful recipes I found this recipe for Coquille St Jacques.

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  • Rodenbach Grand Cru

    I bought this bottle of last night without much idea of what it was going to taste like, I just fancied a different beer. This afternoon when I opened it I was surprised how dark it was, but often this can be a good thing. On pouring it looked like it was going to be a winner, something like a dark Chimay or Leffe, but on tasting I was highly shocked. It has a highly disctinctive flavour, very sour indeed! A quick look around the net proved that this was how it was supposed to taste, and that the taste takes some getting used to and that the flavour improves down the glass. I’m halfway through the 330mls so far and I’m not sure I’m even going to be able to finish it. Note to self:Steer away from this in [...]

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