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Youtube Plugin for WordPress – Updated

December 7th, 2009

I’ve spent the most part of the past few days digging around to understand how one adds an administrative panel for a plugin to the wordpress dashboard settings menu. For the most part my own use of this plugin will not need me to use a settings menu but if I’m going to put this up for other people to use I think that it should be as comprehensive and polished as possible.
At fisrt it was a bit tricky trying to find the information until I came across a very good set of tutorials at devlounge that covered everything that seemed to be missing from the wordpress codex.
The setting spanel allows for the specification of defaults for parameters which are currently either hardcoded or determined by YouTube. I’ve got as far as adding defaults for the most important 4 parameters and also coded it to ensure that any parameters specified betwen the [youtube] tags still take precedence over the defaults. Covering the remaining 15 is mainly a matter of donkey work that will be completed over hte enxt few days.

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