A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

Douglas Adams

Entries from November 2009

  • Agfa 124

    I took my recently purchased chemicals down to the darkroom and mixed up some soft working warmtone Agfa-124.

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  • Demon Face Warp

    Finished up another excellent videocopilot.net tutorial, this time it was the demon face warp. Stage 1 The stabilise and de-stabilisate process was another big factor in this as it was in a previous tutorial and I can see how important this process will be in many aspects of adding special effects to footage. Stage 2 The second step is creating the face warp using the liquify filter, and to fade the distortion amount in and out around the chosen mid point. Stage 3 Colour corrections and modifications are applied using an adjustment layer with a mask and the mask shape is keyframed so that the effects only affect the area of the face and do not spill out onto the rest of the footage. This step is the one one that probably consumes the most time as [...]

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  • 3D Light Casting, part 2

    Finally completed the 3d Light casting Tutorial from Andrew Kramer at videocopilot. The tutorial was very complex in 3 stages and took some time to follow but the end result was very satisfying. Stage 1: Glowing Energy Ball I created lines using the pen tool and the Vegas plug-in, added an animated Offset plug-in to create the effect of the lines moving over time and then used the Polar Co-ordinates plug-in to warp this linear motion into a circular motion. A feathered mask was also added to fade the edges of the effect out. The planes created was then duplicated and the duplicates rotated and scaled in 3D space. A light was added to the center followed by a particle system. The results are in the previous post. Stage 2: Preparing the Footage and ‘Set’ In order [...]

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  • 3D Light Casting

    Finished the first part of a tutorial from videocopilot.net on 3D Light Casting. The basics are done though if I was to use the efeect in a proper video it would be cleaned up a lot more. This doesn’t use any light casting but it will become a light which moves through a piece of real footage and it will cast light on to its surroundings.

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