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Entries from July 2009

  • Paypal SOAP MassPayment API

    I recently completed a small programming task for a client that involved using the the Paypal SDK to create a PHP script that allowed for making use of the Paypal MassPayment API over SOAP. Whilst on the surface this looked a reasonably simple task it proved to be more complicated than I first envisioned. Firstly there were problems with the SDK from Paypal that had to be overcome, mainly due to a lack documentation regarding the fact that the library required PEAR to be installed on the server in order to operate. However this might have come up in the installation process which I unfortunately couldn’t follow as I can’t run CLI PHP commands on my local server (WAMP) and I also couldn’t work out how to set up FTP on the same local server. Most of the PHP SDKs [...]

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