Art is the expression of imagination, not the duplication of reality.

Sir Henry Moore

Entries from March 2009

  • Panoramic Edinburgh

    A while ago I was looking at Panoramic Edinburgh, a website I was thinking about using to host my photography of Edinburgh. When I started it I was pretty much sold on using Gallery2 as the backend for it and I spent quite a lot of time reprogramming the template files to get a look that I wanted and learning the structure of the application in general. Then I found out that on a windows server the mail function of this program(and coppermine for that matter) don’t seem to function properly. I toyed with the idea of using the wordpress to gallery bridge plug-in but it seemed that this solution was really geared at using gallery as a media library for a wordpress blog, rather than wordpress as a user management system for a [...]

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  • Random Categorised Quotes

    I started with some static quotes at the top of each page in the masthead and wanted to change this to a random selection from a database. In the database the quotes are categorised and in order for the navigation to ‘know’ where it is and apply a current class to the relevant link I already have a variable $selected. At first I thought this would be rather more straight forward than it turned out to be. First step is to retreive the data from the database. As wordpress is already connected to the database I just have to select the database, in this case ‘nigeljo_quotes’. Secondly, to differentiate between whether I am on a design page or a photography page I test for the existence of the variable $selected, which will only exist if I am in one of [...]

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  • Darkroom Printing

    I spent the best part of 12 hours in the darkroom today, spurred on slightly by the fact that Chris was also in the room. I had gone in with the initial intention of making many prints of a few of negatives, which I achieved, but he was experimenting with bleaching and toning which I was very interested in and resulted in me being there much longer than I expected. Lessons were learned though, firstly I had some experimentation with correction of converging verticals by tilting the enlarger head, but soon realised that this required a very small aperture and in the case of the negative I was trying to print the base exposure was 3 minutes and some of the burning went up to 9 minutes. On reflection it was not worth the effort but nice to spend some [...]

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