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Entries from February 2009

  • List switchView() Function

    Lists are an unavoidable aspect of the internet. Search results come back to us in lists. Relevant links come back to us in lists. The basic items that we deal with in our interactions operating systems generally is presented in the form of lists. How can I make lists more useful? The list provides us with something that defines a group of items that have an intrinsic relationship. Just because the area of a page contains a list does not mean it should have bullets or numbers, or that they should be displayed on below another. Navigational lists are one example of this. At first I started writing the script to make changes to the DOM directly to modify the way each list is displayed. As well as being lengthy I realised this was not the best approach. Essentially I [...]

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  • The Dome

    The website for The Dome in Edinburgh was designed to match their existing print branding, updating a previous website that had been in use for about 5 years. The project entailed initial design mock-ups in Photoshop for the pitch and then build of the the chosen design mostly using existing photography and copy. Some extra photography was undertaken to fill out the design and then extensive photography was undertaken for the virtual tour section, which was constructed using stitched images to create the QuickTime VR. The Dome Website My hosted version has been linked to as the site has been updated by someone else since my design was handed over.

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  • XHTMLification

    Yesterday I went through all my pages and made sure they were XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. As I write my tags in lowercase and, human error aside, nest my tags properly and make sure they are in closed pairs this wasn’t too much of an issue. My main problem was that I have used <a> tags around <h2> tags to create links that span the whole header rather than just the text of the header. As an <a> tag is an inline element and an <h2> tag is a block level element this causes the validation to fail and I had to move the <a> tags inside the <h2> tags and change my CSS styles selectors from a h2 to h2 a. The only other problem I came across, though it was in an unpublished test page was ne of [...]

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