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James Lindenbaum

Entries from January 2009

  • Taking Stock

    New year is here and it is time to take stock of where everything is in my life and in my work. I’m halfway through moving house and this combined with theh holiday period has let everything else fall by the wayside a little. I’ve been slowly expanding my skillset in both design and photography recently and I feel need to get it all together before I start anything new. Design njw I have completed the design and coding of the wordpress template files in PHP to create my own custom theme for the site and completed the CSS. I have added a javascript funtions to allow the lists of entries to be toggled between a detail list and a tile view, a bit like in Windows Explorer. This function and the code behind it will be covered in a [...]


  • 652 Pictures of the Moon

    A simple timelapse of the moon obscured by clouds.

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