There are no rules for good photography, just good photographs.

Ansel Adams

Entries from December 2008

  • Coquille Saint Jacques

    Enjoying somewhat of a 70s dinner party style of cooking revival, amongst the rather wonderful recipes I found this recipe for Coquille St Jacques.

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  • Maya Animation

    Many years ago i used to do quite a lot of 3 modelling and animation using programs like Bryce and Poser and, to a lesser extent Lightwave. Since taking redundancy from Scottish Widows and having more time on my hands I have decided to update the skills and so have started learning Maya, possibly one of the best pieces of 3D software available for a home PC. My animation is just a simple series of blocks with the camera moving round inside the get a feel for the interface. It’s a very complex interface to learn but then it has to be as there is so much you can do with the software.

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