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Design Posts

  • Change MySQL password

    Unlike WAMPServer on Windows,MAMP on Mac OS X some with a password already set for the root user, ‘root‘. I found quite a few posts regarding changing this password usinf the following command in the terminal: /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password What wasn’t clear from this is that in this instance password is not a placeholder for your password that you should replace but in fact an actual command. After typing or pasting this command, with replaced with the password you want to use you are then prompted for your existing password, ‘root‘. I tried several times with my Mac password because that is what I normally enter when terminal propmts me to ‘Enter Password‘. Felt a bit stupid for wasting half an hour or so but it is sorted now.

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Photography Posts

  • Agfa 124

    I took my recently purchased chemicals down to the darkroom and mixed up some soft working warmtone Agfa-124.

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  • Panoramic Edinburgh Brief

    As I want my new version of Panoramic Edinburgh to professional and polished I am writing a brief and doing rough planning work on paper before tapping on the keyboard till the wee small hours. Not only do I hope that this will make for a better end result it means I can work things out on the train, the bus, over a coffee in starbucks and set goals based on what I want to achieve rather than just what I know how to program or what seems to be the current vogue feature. It also means I am doing this from a client perspective (hence putting htis post in the photography section, this is me the photographer being a client of me the designer) and keeping the what I wnt the site to [...]

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  • Darkroom Printing

    I spent the best part of 12 hours in the darkroom today, spurred on slightly by the fact that Chris was also in the room. I had gone in with the initial intention of making many prints of a few of negatives, which I achieved, but he was experimenting with bleaching and toning which I was very interested in and resulted in me being there much longer than I expected. Lessons were learned though, firstly I had some experimentation with correction of converging verticals by tilting the enlarger head, but soon realised that this required a very small aperture and in the case of the negative I was trying to print the base exposure was 3 minutes and some of the burning went up to 9 minutes. On reflection it was not worth the effort but nice to spend some [...]

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