Design is in everything we make, but it's also between those things. It's a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy.

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  • TB-3, Preset C06

    Largely unrehearsed performance with a Roland T B-3 on preset C06 using factory patterns 1-02 through 1-05. No external processing apart from being recorded into Reason and compressed.

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  • Milk Project Blue

    Milk dropped into a vase of water. Filmed with a Sony Experia Z1 on a Gorillapod. Processed in After Effects with levels, curves and Trapcode Shine.

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  • Shine

    Quick play around with Trapcode Shine, which I bought yesterday in their annual sale, $99 with 40% off. Well worth the $60, less than £50.

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  • Milk Project red

    I shot this in timelapse mode whilst dropping liquid food colouring into a plate of milk. The plate was ‘jigged’ in various ways to create varying patterns and at point a cotton bud dipped in washing up liquid was dipped into the milk. This helped with creating flow. All .DNGs shot with a Pentax K-r and kit lens processed in Adobe Camera Raw, converted to JPEGs and imported as a .JPEG sequence into Adobe After Effects. Processed with Magic Bullet Mojo with a little bit of parameter automation.

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  • Clouds

    Another attempt at timelapsing the evening clouds, as the weather was very clement again. Quick rush from the JPEGs, will take a look at the DNGs tomorrow and see about getting a better overall picture quality. Shot on Automatic again as I was uncertain how long it was till the light would start fading but there was plenty of time as it turns out. Next attempt will definitely have to be on manual.

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